Saturday, June 11, 2016

-The ability to customize own, shared apartment without kicking people out.
      -People will need to reload the place to see your changes after you've saved them.

-Ability to open any of the public zones as a private home!
      -Hold down one of the numbers 1-6 while opening your home to use a public zone scene instead! (Doesn't work with numpad!)
      1 = Fresco, 2 = Beach, 3 = Night Club, 4 = Love Island, 5 = Yacht, 6 = Sin Club.
      -Join in through the small join button, not the big apartment buttons. x)

-Room owners are now able to shoot fireworks at their private Love Island
      -Open Menu (esc) and see top left corner!

-Noticeable lag builds up for the new Graphical User Interface elements after a while on private Love Island. Noooo idea what causes this. x)


  1. A girl has no nameJune 11, 2016 at 2:42 PM

    Aweeeesoooooooooooome sauce <3

  2. Rochi now that's official..I/We love you :3

  3. eeeep.! You're amazing!

  4. as i said in chat, really nice job :) just afraid cause it could kill the game if all opens frescos or sins :/
    u already gave the power to allmost players to create awesome rooms and if you look well in game, that seperate people cause too many rooms open now :)
    Every option u give to players shoud modify completly the game for better or worse :)
    it's actually in ur hands :)
    Just hope u'll make the right choices for people can play together and not separatly :)

    Again, THANK YOU for your job, u gave us what 3dx support doesn't,
    /me bow
    Feel free to add me in game,

  5. Well for me, I don't really see it as that big of a problem. I see these "private" room yachts, open for all with 40 players and I'm just happy that zone gets a lot of traffic now just because of that :P Now I don't know about Fresco, I really hate that zone with passion especially in public but now I can use that too xD
    Also I checked that nude beach with 70 players in it, and the original beach, and the original beach seemed busier than ever >.< So for me, so far it seems like a great success :o

    But sure I'm one that doesn't like huge crowds or hanging out with strangers so much :) Anyway for now I don't see a reason to panic about this :P Lets just see where it goes!

  6. I for one am so very pleased that you have taken this time out for those of us who aren't so savvy with the programming. In my opinion you have made it worth staying and exploring ones creative side. I commend your efforts and your abilities...looking for more great things with excitement. Thanks again,

  7. Is there a way to set the music stream when using public zone as private room?