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How do i start the petal rain?

The scroll with the secret knowledge of the petal rain was burned. It is lost forever.
You can stop the petal rain by pressing END tho.

Is there a way to save copies of your room like we are able to in 1.0?

Nope not right now.

I'm getting like 6 different errors in the login screen what did I do wrong?

Your 3DXChat client and DLL don't match. i.e. using 3DXChat 2.0 Beta client with the DLL made for 1.0

How do i find out which Version I have/need?

There are 2 simple ways to find out which Version you got.

1st: Look at your 3DX Folder.
It says 3DXChat: You got Version 1.0
Is says 3DXChat20Beta: You got Version 2.0

2nd: Open 3DXChat and at the login screen look at the top left.
It says 3DXChat version 339: You got Version 1.0
It says 3DXChat 2.0 Beta, build XXX: You got Version 2.0

How exactly do I set public zone as a private room?

You open Select location, click "Share" on either of your rooms, give the place a name, click off of the typing field then hold down number 1-7 (not numpad) while clicking "For Friends", "For All" or "For Group". Now, if you don't automatically load into the room, click the small join button in the shared apartments list to join your own room :)

I can not use my mousepad while holding down a number to open my private- "public zone". What now?

In your windows, click Start and go to "PC Settings" Click on "Devices" and go to "Mouse & touchpad" tab. Over there, under touchpad settings, you should see a way to disable the delay that prevents you from accidentally using touchpad while typing, and this needs to be disabled (No delay) to be able to use private- "public zones".

Oh god... i updated without putting the original file back in, what can i do now?

Click here and download the dll you need.

Something clearly is wrong with my game after an update.

You probably updated without putting the original file back in. Click here and download the dll you need.


  1. I downloaded the new patch today 11/16/16. I had to reinstall 3dxchat 2.0 now when I try to add the dll it will not let my AVI move or give me world chat. Any suggestions?

    1. You'll need to get the new dll I uploaded a moment ago.
      You can't just use the old dll with new update cause most of the updates content is in the dll.

    2. I got a question, i am building on my room 2, now i want to go outside of the big two windows, whats the best method to walk throw the window, i have tried it with light cubes, but it wont let me get out throw the window any ideas? I noticed this issue also on other peoples rooms, i can figure out how to enter an area properly which is outside of the original room. Much appreciate some advise :)

  2. Hi,
    Have what is probably a stupid issue. I am not seeing a managed data folder.
    Here are the folders I see: C>Programs (x86)>3DXChat20Beta>3DXChat_Data>Outputlog

    (There's also Patcher_Data in the beta folder).

    I dont anything about a Managed Data folder.

    I'm not techy but this is weird.

    Thanks! :-)


  3. If you use one of the normally public rooms (ei, beach, saloon, etc) as a private room, is there a way to change the default music choice to stream the music of my choice?

  4. where can I find new out fita , hair and etc and download it to the game, Please neep help

  5. is there a way to be able to "locate" a friend on here? it would be so nice to be able to do so!

  6. Um... alls seemed fine but today a friend joined me and said I had no clothes on and was bald! I was fully clothed with hair on my screen!

    Any idea why this happens please?

    Kinda explains why nobody's been talking to me today :/

    1. That is most commonly a problem with your friends internet connection, unable to load everything in the game. In most cases fixed when they restart the game.

    2. Ahhh ty so much Nella, is there some page/place I can find out how to move objects up/down plz (eg so I can stack) as I cant figure it. Can get out the room 2 easy enough, just need to lay a floor outside and stack stuff now lol.

      PS Thanks so much for all this, it makes the game more fun :)

    3. Just read the instructions https://3dxchattweaked.blogspot.fi/p/20.html

      Its kinda messy but should be able to figure it out xD

    4. -Shift + X lifts object step by step
      -Shift + C drops object step by step
      -"K" and "L" binds rotate objects 45°

      d'oh :)

    5. Well that's from the changelog really :S

      Home Editor stuffs.
      F G H J K L rotate :P
      X C V B, Shift+X and Shift+C lift and lower the object
      And alt drops duplicate!
      R and T lock the object movement onto X and Z axis

  7. where to downlad 3dxchat2.0?

  8. Hello,
    I can't see the cum of a futa when she ejaculates on my face ?

    1. That's cause the 3DXChat dev's forgot to add it for the receiver clients. Its fixed in my dll for 2.5 though.

  9. original DLL file links are dead

  10. Is there a way to gift a room?

  11. hello There is a way to pass the gold to another friend?

  12. Hi rochi, can you add again "fireworks" into night beach room?

  13. Hi, Is there is teleportation option

  14. Hello...i dont know whats wrong with my game....for some days i got a message "reconnect" after some seconds in the game....
    Anyone know why??????

  15. Hi, I play in windowed mode, and the small box with the speed control settings always appears over the normal speed controls. When in full screen mode I can drag this box around just fine, but in windowed mode it will not move. The problem is that it is impossible for me to do things like hit the "pause" button without also hitting the cum button, which makes for some awkward situations in the kind of detail-oriented roleplay I think to do. Am I doing something wrong, or can we fix this?

  16. hi. New Now Playing script grabs info from "Documents\3DXChat\nowplaying.txt" and only there.. I'm using a Winamp plugin that updates a simple txt file with current playing song.
    how it works? Need to create a text document in the "documents" and then use the plugin for Winamp? Please explain..