2.5 Home Editor Update

3DXChat 2.5 369, the Home Editor update.

1. Go to 3DXChat2.5\3DXChat_Data\Managed
2. Backup Assembly-UnityScript.dll (Rename it)
3. Download the dll file from bottom of this post and place it into the folder
4. Make sure the new file is called Assembly-UnityScript.dll
5. Run 3DXChat

- Link Copying. Hold Shift to copy old way.
- Longer chatlog
- Prints on clothes.
- Prints save on specific clothes.
- Removed clothes restrictions in sex poses!
- Added colors for lots of clothes
- Added skin color palette
- Dances menu for pole dances!
- Ambient sounds are off by default. Put them back on from settings (F1) top left corner.
- Ctrl slows down FreeFly(F5)
- Alt and Shift speed up FreeFly
- PageUP cums, PageDOWN moans no matter conditions.
- You can now make your bots cum x)
- Shoes color 2 works but only people with my dll will see them colored.
- Sex speed slider from min 0.1 - max 1 to min -1.5 - max 1.5 You can now completely stop the action or reverse the animation
- Character Editor allows smoother and closer zoom
- Hotkey "Shift+F" pauses and plays any animation that works with speed slider.
- F2 adds a fake female partner, F3 adds a fake male partner. To set you off of "bot mode" you need to press F4, after which your ghost partner will no longer auto accept poses but it fixes other players joining into the room x)

Ability to open any of the public zones as a private home!
-Hold down one of the numbers 1-6 while opening your home to use a public zone scene instead! (Doesn't work with numpad!)
1 = Fresco, 2 = Beach, 3 = Night Club, 4 = Love Island, 5 = Yacht, 6 = Sin Club, 7 = Saloon.
Join in through the small join button, not the big apartment buttons. x)

Home Editor stuffs from dll are gone for now, will be looking into the code.
Please leave comments and requests :3

Download DLL For 2.5 370

Home Editor camera update ~ 10.12.2017

-Moved Camera Slow to Space instead of CTRL to prevent accidental duplicates. Still CTRL outside of the editor. Thankyew FeliciaX

The camera will always spawn at 0.0.0 spot on the world but that shouldn't be a huge issue. x)

If you like what I do and would like to support me, you can always subscribe to 3DXChat through my link :) http://3dxchat.com/?AID=3123899 Much appreciated <3


  1. i hope you will give us the old keys to edit our rooms... this way to build was much more easier

  2. New stuff is so so much easier. I rly recommend you read the help page and try things like vertex snap out. it's amazing how much better it is.

  3. why do I see a keyboard on my login screen

  4. The rotating is such a pain can we please simplify that Rorochi,

    1. Yeah click on the magnet thingie at the top for stepped rotation :P Also can change the step size from settings ^^

  5. try using the step key with rotation. it makes it very easy to do rotation in common increments.

  6. copy by hitting alt, thats all i want

    1. Ctrl+D does that at the moment, alt is used for other key combinations so that'd not work for those who use lots of different keybinds

    2. finally fixed my beard roro, thanks <3

  7. Any chance we could get some way to slow down camera movement in the editor? such as holding down Ctrl for normal freecam? Real pain right now to zoom in and position the camera where you want. Thanks!

    1. Heyy I was just looking into this before looking here! :P
      Will see soon I got distracted x)

    2. Got thatone under control! Made it use the normal free fly script with a check of right mouse button being held down :P

      Go test it out everyone I need bugtesting xD

    3. Love the controls, only bug I have found is that the cntrl+D to copy command works in camera mode with the right click.. So you end up making many copies when just flying around. If that could be disabled when flying.. that might be a good idea :P

      Thanks for the great work!

    4. Oooh cwap! Thanks for pointing this out

    5. Soo since all the new home editor scripts are in a different dll, and I want to keep this simple as possible, I guess the only way I can fix this is to change the camera slow down bound somewhere else from Ctrl

  8. Replies
    1. Top left corner click on file and select save :)

  9. I love the new editing tool and your dll :-)
    Any chance that we get the menues rights (poses , sex ...) in F6 mode.
    So i can build in F5 mode, test in F6 mode ^^

  10. Hey I notice that the new update works great. That zoom was such a pain to work with in editor before. Thank you so much.
    Is there anyway to get the "F → focus the camera on the object selection (only works when there is at least one selected object)" to work again. It was very useful for finding center and moving to an area of interest.

  11. That's great. The scroll wheel seems to be disabled with this new dll. It was a easy way to take a distant items

  12. Hello Rochi, you're doing a good work with your dlls, I sent you a little donation :)

    Recently I found this bug on world editor:


    Is it caused by your dll or is just an editor's bug?
    Do you know how to fix it?

    1. Would you mind elaborating :o I honestly can't see the bug in that picture >_<

    2. The bug was just a lack of knowledge ^^'

  13. Thanks for all you work, Rochi!

    Is there any chance the spawn thing affects incoming people when the room is live? I keep having people pop in at 0,0,0 when the room is open.

    Dire Teddy Bear

    1. They pop at 0,0,0 for you if you're lagging or so.. or maybe they are lagging.. xD They still see themselves normally though.

  14. i have the 370 dll n music not work in some rooms owners have to press gain play

  15. ok here is what i have done so far.uninstal game clean registry with c cleaner n registry recycler install game from 369 3dx installer auto patch to 370 then rename original dll n copy paste urs. still in some rooms i dont hear music. i tested a lot of stuff like told room owners play other radio station or dj link it didnt work only re log fix the problem but if u relog n reload same room again no music again.so problem must be with some rooms vs random guests, anyway maybe u have a fix rochi?

    1. This has been an issue with 3DXChat and commonly free radio hosting services ever since they added the feature to play your own music :S
      The forums probably have a lot of info about it but sadly I do not have a fix for it :(